MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Keg Fridge Package!

Keg Fridge Package

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Keg Fridge Package

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Get a MacKinnon Brothers Keg Fridge Package for
$649.99 + HST + $50 Keg Deposit.

1 x Danby 5.2 cu. ft. Kegerator
1 x 30L MacKinnon Brothers Keg of your Choice*
1 x MacKinnon Brothers Tap Handle
1 x Fill of 5lb Carbon Dioxide Cylinder

*Upgrade to a 50L keg for $80.
Available to the following Postal Codes
K7K, K7L, K7M, K7N, K7P & K7R
K0H 1GO, K0H 2H0


30L Kegs contain 60 x 500mL pints
50L Kegs contain 100 x 500mL pints


What size of kegs do you sell?

All of our beers are available in 30L and 50L kegs.
To put that in perspective a 30L keg holds the equivalent of 63 tall boy cans while a 50L keg holds 105 tall boys.

How do I get the beer out of the keg?

There are two ways of getting beer out of a keg:

1) With a pony pump (AKA bronco pump). The the pump uses air to pressurize the keg and push the beer out. With this method the beer should be kept cold in a tub of ice and needs to be consumed within 24 hours of tapping.

2) With a draft beer system (keg fridge), sterile carbon dioxide is used to pressurize the keg and move the beer out, while the keg is kept cold in a refrigerator. Shelf life is substantially increased allowing a keg to last up to 4 months after tapping.

Where can I get a pump or draft beer system?

  • We have pony pumps you can rent for $25, available when you pick up a keg.
  • A draft beer system package is available through our online store and at our retail store for pickup and free local delivery, or through major retailers.

How long does a keg last untapped?

Kegs can be kept in a cool place like a basement, out of the sun for 3-4 weeks before drinking. The beer will need to be cooled for 24 hours prior to tapping or you will have foamy warm beer.

What type of keg coupler do i need?

Our kegs use a Sankey style type "D" coupler. This is the industry standard across North America.

How much do kegs cost?

30L keg - $142 + hst + $50 deposit*.
50L keg - $220 + hst + $50 deposit*.
*Deposits are refunded when kegs are returned.

Can I get a keg delivered to my house?

Yes, if you order online and are in our local delivery area, you can have the keg delivered directly to your house. If you have an empty keg you would like to return, have it ready to go and our driver will give you your $50 cash deposit back.

I want kegs for my wedding or event!

Beer in keg is an economical and environmentally friendly way to serve beer at your wedding or large event. We have everything you need to set this up, please email or call for more information and to book in advance!

How do I assemble my keg fridge?

Danby made this helpful video that goes over the assembly of your keg fridge. The model may be slightly different, but the installation will be similar. The video is accessible through the link down below.

What do I do if I am having troubles with my keg fridge?

If there are issues with the draft system, please feel free to contact the brewery by phone for email and we will have someone help troubleshoot the problem. If the issue is with the refrigerator itself or for warranty related issues, please contact Danby Canada directly.