Our Beer

8 Man English Pale Ale

A traditional English Pale Ale, low in carbonation and unfiltered, giving the beer a more natural look & taste. We named this unfiltered ale after arguably the toughest position in rugby.

25 IBU
5.8% ABV

Tasting Notes

Bitter and hoppy lingering taste.

Local chinook bittering hops and cascade aroma hops. We start with a good portion of dark uk crystal malt combined with the higher concentration of malt to water in our brew. It makes this beer our most expensive to produce, however, this is reflected in its higher alcohol content and rich taste.

English pale ale, rich amber in colour. Hops and fruit are evident and are balanced by malt.

A great blend of malt and hop character, with a smooth and sweet finish.

Crosscut Canadian Ale

Designed for Canadian drinkers! Our resurrection of a traditional Canadian recipe. On the "lighter" side of the colour spectrum, though still darker and more complex than commercial lagers.

16 IBU
5.2% ABV

Golden Ale

Tasting Notes

Crisp initial taste with a smooth, refreshing finish. Golden ale lightly hopped with a sweet aroma.

Northern Brewer bittering and Sazz aroma hops. Canadian 2 Row and UK Crystal Malt with a portion of wheat from our family farm to give a crisp, clean foam.

Pairs well with rich, aromatic and spicy foods such as chilli, bbq ribs, chicken and beef.

Red Fox Ale

An easy-drinking ale with a foxy, citrus bitterness and a distinct flavour from the addition of beets. The extraordinary red colour of this brew will captivate you even before tasting the mild grain sweetness.

32 IBU
4.2% ABV

Tasting Notes

Our most hop-forward beer, juicy citra hops are added during the boil and dry-hopping to enhance their unique aroma and flavour.

A blend of carared malt with an infusion of cold-pressed ontario beet juice gives this beer its striking colour.

The unique addition of special acidic malt adds a slightly tart, fresh finish. The extraordinary red colour of this brew will captivate you before tasting the mild grain sweetness. Accompanied by a full, thick head and lightly floral peach and grapefruit notes.

Harvest Ale

This beer is brewed with a focus on the barley harvest, resulting in a profile that is influenced by each growing season on our farm.

15 IBU
5.0% ABV

Estate-grown beer

Tasting Notes

Brewed as a celebration of the growing season.

100% Estate-grown newport bittering hops and spalter select aroma hops.

100% Estate-grown munich malt. munich malt is kilned at a higher temperature compared with regular ale malts, giving it the opportunity to express more complex flavours. our harvest ale has a slightly bready aroma with a toasty, lightly sweet flavour that can only be described as "malty".

We harvest our fields of barley and hops during the waning days of summer, capturing their flavour for this 100% farm-sourced ale. the harvest ale comes through with a rich malt flavour.

Wild Peppermint Stout

A traditional Irish dry stout featuring a refreshing hint of hand-picked wild peppermint foraged by our friends at The County Bounty organic farm in Prince-Edward County.

Seasonally available in cans, 30L and 50L kegs.

40 IBU
4.8% ABV

Tasting Notes

The slightest hint of mint gives a refreshing twist to this classic style. It appears most notably at the finish and smoothes the toasted notes often found in stouts.

Herkules bittering hops and sazz aroma hops. 2 Row ale malt makes up the base, the addition of a small portion of uk crystal malt brings out some rich malty character, but the true defining factor is 10% roasted, barley giving the beer its rich black colour and roasted flavour.

Mint also blends well with the hops for an exciting aroma before each sip!

Brothers House Ale

A fresh, aromatic brew.

The addition of el dorado hops makes this lower-alcohol session beer a group favourite. Brewed in collaboration with Kingston’s Red House Pub.

30 IBU
4.0% ABV

Session beer

Tasting Notes

Smooth with a mild fresh bitterness and a hint of acidity, this brew is light and delicious: at only 4%, another is almost always In order!

Herkules bittering hops and el dorado for aroma and dry hopping. A canadian 2 row malt blended with small additions of amber and acidic malts for light colouring, enhanced body and a crisp finish.

The aroma of this ale is unique and hits you before even picking up the glass. El dorado hops add tropical notes and a fruity punch of citrus and apricot.

Philomena Pilsner

Pilsner malt made purely from barley grown from our farm. A beer with a light straw colour and a thick head of dense foam, adding smoothness and sealing in the subtle notes of caramel flavour and aroma. 

25 IBU
4.0% ABV

Tasting Notes

A Pilsner Malt made with 100% barley from our farm combined with Hayhoe Farm Hops, giving this crisp, easy-drinking brew the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. A Pilsner brewed with a blend of new-world ingredients and old-world techniques.


Lunenburg Canadian Fruit Beer

The tartness of the fruit combined with a hint of sweetness and the brilliant ruby colour make this beer a refreshingly tasty treat! Enjoy on ice in our unique chalice glass!

12 IBU
3.8% ABV


Tasting Notes

-A sparkling Canadian fruit beer with intense flavours of cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry.

-Fruit sourced from Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

-100% Canadian Malt

-Farm-grown Mackinac Hops

-12 IBU




Meet the brothers.

MacKinnon's ancestors settled this land in 1784, and through the generations built a thriving farm. Ivan and Daniel, the MacKinnon Brothers, decided to add another element into the mix: a farm based brewery. They've renovated century old barns to house the equipment, and planted hops and malting barley in the surrounding fields. The character and history of this place shines through in every glass.

Ivan MacKinnon (left) is a licensed Professional Engineer with project management, food processing and automation experience gained at numerous manufacturing facilities across North America.

Daniel MacKinnon (right) brings a wealth of knowledge of the brewing industry, with a Master’s degree in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and extensive experience at the brewing research firm BRI in London, England.

Rest in peace Baco, Dan's beloved dog.