Harvest Ale
Harvest Ale

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.

Harvest Ale

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Available to the following Postal Codes :
K7K, K7L, K7M, K7N, K7P & K7R
K0H 1GO, K0H 2H0


This beer is brewed with a focus on the barley harvest, resulting in a profile that is influenced by each growing season on our farm.

473 ML cans, 15 IBU, 5.0% ABV


Tasting Notes

Brewed as a celebration of the growing season.

100% estate-grown Newport bittering hops and spalter select aroma hops.

100% estate-grown Munich malt. Munich malt is kilned at a higher temperature compared with regular ale malts, giving it the opportunity to express more complex flavours. Our harvest ale has a slightly bready aroma with a toasty, lightly sweet flavour that can only be described as "Malty".  We harvest our fields of barley and hops during the waning days of summer, capturing their flavour for this 100% farm-sourced ale. The harvest ale comes through with a rich malt flavour.